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7-6-09  What can we say !  Very AWESOME !  What a GREAT Place to celebrate Jerry's 59th Birthday.  We may have been the first - but were sure not the last and will be back.  Had Great time.  Thanks for what you sent.


7-10-09  Serenity !  We came to escape the world on our 20th Anni + never dreamed this place would offer the "escape" we so needed !  We will def make this trip every year at diff times of seasons.  Our dogs were in heaven + lived in the creek exploring every crevice.  We even had the honor of a mom turkey + her babies !!!  Creekside Serenity is a magical place of tranquility + beauty.  Thanks for a restful stay !!!

7-24-09  This place is magic.  No words can describe.  We had a wonderful time + will be back.

8-4-09  “Wonderful relaxing weekend. The cabin was cozy - the  perfect size and layout  for 2 people and a couple of pugs.”

8-14-09  The cabin was very relaxing.  The surroundings were certainly enjoyable.

8-28-09  We had a beautiful time, my dog Carmen & I.  You have a lovely place, so close to nature.  My Maltese is a city dog, so she had an exciting time.  Thank Agen's for a wonderful time.

9-6-09  Within the first 15 min of arriving, we saw a black bear walk right up to us, then proceed to the trash can.  Saw some pretty amazing views in Fort Mountain State Park, and enjoyed some much needed time alone with my husband after his 5th deployment! (Rangers Lead The Way!)  We will definitely be back!

9-24-09  This was our second visit + we had a nice time.  Really like the renovation changes you've made.  Lighting is super harsh, some lamps + softer bulbs would be nice.  My baby's first trip to the mountains!  He loved splashing in the creek!  See you next time!  PS:  Could not find any gold in creek :-)  Maybe you will have better luck.  Also did not see any bears  Yikes !!!

10-6-09  We were very much in need of an overdue vacation, but needed to find a place that was dog friendly so we could bring our 14 & 15 year old little dogs, Buddy & Sadie.  We wanted to come to the mountains of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee or the Carolinas.  I goggled "Dog friendly Cabins" and found your cabin on line.  We had never been to North GA or even heard of Ellijay, GA.  We loved the cabin, the surroundings, Ellijay and the entire area.  Thank you for a clean, well appointed cabin that FAR EXCEEDED our expectations.  We enjoyed our time here so much that we hope to be able to stay at CREEKSIDE SERENITY when, NOT IF, we return.  Sadie and Buddy also Thank You!  PS:  Thank you and the town of Ellijay for being "DOG FRIENDLY"!

10-21-09  This is our 4th stay at Sliding Rock, but our 1st time at this cabin.  It is the most secluded one we've ever stayed at, but very cozy.  Went to Apple Festival + had a great time visiting the vendors + enjoying the good food.  The roads are great for walking our dog.  We encountered 2 dogs on the loose, but they were not aggressive.  *wildlife spotted so far... many squirrels / 3 possum / & Bear  *went to the Drive IN movie in Blue Ridge with our dog Sampson --> Fun :-)  He loved the popcorn  *went horseback riding at Adventure Trail Rides, enjoyed it.  *Also went to Amicolola Falls Park - great trails + waterfall. :-)  *Reece Corn Maze was fun + is Pet-Friendly... :-)  *Enjoyed the Apple Orchards Mercier in Blue Ridge + Panorama in Ellijay, were our favorites.  Once again we enjoyed our stay in Ellijay....

11-2-09  What a treat this was!  Much R+R was had.  I think the dogs will sleep for the next 2 days!  Saw a black bear on PM of 11-1-09 - looked like a cub from earlier this year.  Hope to return soon.

11-7-09  Nice cabin - Dog loved the woods!  Our only complain: lack of LSU vs Alabama football on Direct TV.  The creek relaxed us out of that disappointment.  No wildlife seen, but walked through nearby woods for hours.

11-15-09  Nice Cabin & very cozy.  Had a great time, just wished we could have stayed longer.  This was a belated honeymoon for my husband & I.  We plan to come back next year & hope to make this a yearly tradition for us & eventually want to bring the children with us in another cabin.

11-22-09  Great Day to Spend my 54th B-Day!  Hot Tub was a nice touch (Nuff Said)  only saw a fox but still enjoyed looking.  Both of us read a novel without much trouble.  Dogs had a blast and I think both of their noses are worn out.  Plan to come back soon.

11-29-09  THANKSGIVING  We enjoyed our stay here at this cabin.  This is our second visit to Ellijay, GA and it is great.  Our pups loved it too.  Lots of college football over this weekend not available here so that was a bummer.  Need local channels!  Otherwise a great place.

12-19-09  Wow!  A long way from town, waiting' for some snow.  Cold rain, but no snow.  Yes!  We used the hot-tub !!  Finally! It snowed !  Great weekend.

12-25-09  CHRISTMAS  Love how secluded even though we lost power Christmas Eve, and it didn't come back on until after lunch on Christmas.  Dogs loved it - we loved small loveseat that dogs couldn't get up on.  No bears.

12-3-09  NEW YEARS WEEKEND  Had a great time !  Very cold + a dusting of snow !  Great little place, private + comfy !  Happy New Years

1-3-10  I love it more + more each and every time.  Always have fun with the usual suspects up the hill.  The snow dusting one morning was beautiful.

2-14-10  What a perfect cabin to celebrate Valentine's Day!  We have stayed with you so many times now we have lost count - but is our 1st time at Creekside Serenity!  We love it! Scenic!  As always, everything was perfect!  We received a courtesy call today from Jerri - informing us of snow on the way + to come on in ASAP!  We were already en route!  Our lab (15.5 yrs) is stretched out on her bed in front of the fire, as I write this.  The warmth feels great to her arthritic hips + she is loving life.  Day #2  Snow bypassed us last night - but light flurries 2day!  We built a small fire in the fire pit + sat by creek.  Very scenic + peaceful.  "pearl" just couldn't resist the creek - she waded in + lay down - in her sweater + boots!  Snowing 2night - yeah!  It's beautiful!  32 degrees  Day #3 - Woke to about 2 inches of snow.  Took a short hike in it.  Grilled out - nippy, but well worth it!  Continued to snow all day!  Read - TV - conversation 29 degrees at 1PM :-)  A winter wonderland!  Day #4 - Didn't snow enough, so we must bid farewell to this little piece of heaven (SOB SOB :-( )  thank you for sharing this, Agens!  We will visit again, for sure!!  "Pearl" says woof for the treats :-)

3-12-10  Creekside Serenity has been the perfect place to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!  Although the weekend was rainy & dreary, the fire and the hot tub kept us warm & cozy!  The cabin is so beautiful and we loved how secluded it is!  Thanks for a wonderful weekend getaway!

3-19-10  This was our very first time staying in Ellijay and my husband and I have had a blast.  Creekside Serenity is the perfect name for this quiet and tranquil place.  We haven't seen any wildlife :-(, but sitting under the stars in the hammock by the creek meant we didn't have to worry.  We will be back for a longer stay very soon!

3-25-10  This was our 3rd time at a Sliding Rock Property and our first time to Agen's Creekside Serenity.  We came for our third wedding anniversary with our Lab Barney.  He loved chasing his ball in the creek, running around in the woods and just being a dog.  We love all of the Sliding Rock Cabins we've used, but this is the best one yet!  We highly recommend the couples massage from Mountain Retreat Massage.  We had a great time and are already planning our next trip back!  Thanks for sharing.

4-1-10  Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your secluded cabin.  We enjoyed spending hours by the creek just doing nothing!  We appreciated the uncluttered simplicity of your decorations - other cabins have smothered us with black bears + antlers!  The lack of knick - knacks was wonderful!  The poodles enjoyed exploring and having a fenced in doggie run.  Jinx drooled over the toys, so a game or two of "fetch" were mandatory.  It was too warm to use the indoor fireplace, but we braved the heat of the outdoor pit :-)

4-21-10  We are here to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and loving every peaceful moment.  We're surrounded by evidence of God everywhere we look in this beautiful wilderness.  We discovered that Daisy loves splashing in the creek, when she managed to escape the leash!  I think she was grinning when she came back!  Many blessings

4-24-10  The cabin was wonderful.  Very peaceful and quiet.  We had a great time staying here and enjoyed the surroundings.  Would not hesitate to recommend this cozy spot to others.  Was a perfect getaway from the everyday chaos of Atlanta.

5-13-10  We had a great time.  Relaxed in the hot tub, stayed here the entire time for a much needed relaxing get away.

5-21-10  We celebrated our 1st anniversary with a weekend getaway here.  It was wonderful!  What a perfect cozy cabin.  We haven't left the entire time we've been here.  Our doggies had a wonderful time playing in the creek and running all over the place.  The only wildlife we saw were spiders, a few birds, some crawdads & ticks :-)  I would highly recommend this cabin to anyone who wants to get away with their fur children.  Thanks!

5-28-10  Your cabin was perfect for rest and relaxation!  We enjoyed the hot tub and listening to the creek.  Our dog (Tyson) loved running through the creek + exploring in the woods.  Everything was wonderful!  It rained much of the weekend, but even that was very relaxing.  We didn't see much wildlife - but that was ok. :-)  I will defiantly tell others about this cabin!  I think it's my favorite one thus far, with Sliding Rock!

6-4-10  This cabin, decks, enclosed porch, and property have been wonderful!  I wish we had a week here!  Perfect name for the place and experience.  I appreciated the decor - simple but not gaudy.  We had everything we needed - a big thank you for your attention to the details.  This is a fantastic experience and truly allowed us "to get away."  While reading in the hammock we spotted a friendly frog, he seemed to follow us for about 5-6 hrs, coming closer to us and also later as we had a fire in the fire pit.  We appreciate how friendly this place is for pets - and for those of us without them, no trace or smell of previous pet guests.  Thank you :-)

6-11-10  Thanks so much!  We had a fantastic weekend sitting by the creek!  We love the seclusion.  This is probably our favorite cabin yet (of the 3 we've visited).  We will definitely be back.  We love this company for being dog-friendly!!  Without you, our vacation would always be lacking (we'd be without our 3 furry friends).  Thanks!

6-20-10  I had a great time shopping, hiking, playing in the creek, + mining for gems.  The company wasn't so bad either :-)  I can't wait to come back again!  Maybe I will see the bear.

6-30-10  We had a wonderful time!  Enjoyed the trip on the Blue Ridge Railway to McCaysville / Copper Hill - had a nice lunch too - Amicalola Falls State Park was really pretty - Dahlonega was also a good day trip and good lunch.  Dinners were here each night (outside & inside) - We did need a few more dishes most nights.  Thanks for letting us enjoy your place.  OWNER COMMENT:  Thanks for this comment!  Constructive criticism is always welcomed. We have bought all new dish set and mixing bowl set since this stay.

7-9-10  We loved the cabin as well as the dogs enjoyed the outside.  We had a wonderful time on our week long vacation.  We saw plenty of deer but no bear (that was ok with me).  It was a perfect getaway for us.

7-15-10  Our 2nd visit here.  Checked in 7-11 (Our 21st Anniv) + regretfully out this A.M.  To all who read, follow the Creek to the right.  There are beautiful waterfalls awaiting.  There is a trail across the creek for the less - daring, but don't let a couple trees that have fallen stop you.  Once again, no bears :-(, but had a visit from the most amazing frog I've ever seen !!!  Larger than my size 8 foot, fat + green - def not a bullfrog !!  We also had the pleasure of meeting a box turtle whose lips were stained by his Blackberry feast.  Last night we were visited by a cute little snake (non-venomous) who layed on the dam catching minnows + water bugs @ dusk.  As always, this place is private + quiet.  Best getaway from the "real" world.  I worry in the future this will be lost with the new cabin on the hill above.  I'm afraid the peace + quiet will be gone.  Thank goodness for the trees that block the majority of the view.  Our dogs thank you!  We are now calling it the yearly "doggie" vacation :-)

7-29-10  This is our first visit/stay with you and le me start by saying we will be back!  This place is Amazing!  Our boxer Tyson loved the creek... he moved every rock his little paws could rap around.  We had a hard time getting him inside.  I found my comfort in the swing watching + listening to the sweet sounds of nature.  My husband couldn't pick just one thing... maybe next time he will be able to decide.  Just wanted to say thanks for making our few days ones we will always remember.  Special thanks from our boxer Tyson.  Try Shane's Rib Shack!  $$ but Good!

8-5-10  Bolt + I had a wonderful time!  Pup-pup loved splashing in the creek, running in the woods and sleeping on the fluffy poochee pillow - thank you!  For me - I commute 2 hours a day + work 2 jobs - this is heaven to me :-)  I would love to wake up and find that my old life was a dream + this the real one :-)  Thankyou for letting us enjoy your special place that you obviously love.

8-9-10  Our 1st time at this cabin - (but our 4th overall)  Peaceful, quiet, + wonderful weather.  This is our favorite cabin so far!  Our dogs Maggie (9 3/4) + Oliver (6) had a wonderful time.  Bit of excitement - saw a bear on Sun evening.  Oliver charged after him (followed by Maggie + us screaming).  The bear was a baby + Oliver came back Thank goodness!  Otherwise we had a fabulous time + we'll definitely be back again.  Also saw a gigantic frog.

8-21-10  BEAUTIFUL !!! Very peaceful & relaxing.  A LOT of rain, was kinda worried about the road, however roads were great once rain stopped.  Saw some minnows in creek, one tree frog but nothing else, ok 2 dogs with owner walking on path!  As wonderful and peaceful as this place is, didn't need to see any wildlife.  Was in another cabin in Dollywood, TN and this cabin beats it hands down.  Will definitely come back here again, hopefully this spring.

9-6-10  Great quiet little cabin.  Had a very relaxing weekend.  Thanks.

9-13-10  We had so much fun here!  Loved everything about the cabin especially everything by the creek (hammock, hot tub, etc.)  This was one of the most relaxing weekends ever!  Hope we can come back again!  Thanks.

9-23-10  We had a great visit.  Our dog LOVED the creek and being able to explore in the woods.  We went into Blue Ridge on Friday and got the pups treats at "Love Dogs and Cats too" and then ate lunch outside at Danielles - simple, good sandwiches, delicious sangria - a great place to sit outside with your dog.  Saturday we went into Ellijay - not as many shops as Blue Ridge but very cute.  Ate delicious BBQ outside at Wolf Creek - eating BBQ, drinking a beer, outside with your dog - what could be better.  A great weekend; very relaxing.  We will be back.  Thanks!

9-26-10 Very quiet and relaxing.  Wish we could stay longer but it's back to the real world.  We loved the hot tub and fire pit - and our yorkies enjoyed splashing in the creek.  Thanks!

10-1-10  Serenity is indeed and apt term for the peace and isolation the setting affords.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately since I came alone, I did not see a bear or any other critters (except a solitary squirrel). I was fortunate enough to be allowed to explore the beautiful surroundings, without getting lost or having need of rescue.  Although loneliness follows no matter where you run, the simplicity of the cabin and tranquility of the creek provided a needed respite.  I just wish I had brought a dog!  Thank you for sharing your home.

10-4-10  1st time at this cabin and I have to say Great place.  The cabin is super nice but a bit out of the way.  The roads are also really bad.  My dogs had a great time in the creek + in the woods - they are terriers so they did alot of exploring.  Over all had a great time.  Was hoping to see wildlife but didn't see any.  Looking forward to coming back.

10-14-10  Our 1st time in this area - nice Apple Festival - but the cabin was wonderful !  Truly relaxing!  We hated to go into town :-)  We'd leave at 10:30ish + be back in our oasis at 2:30ish.  Your attention to detail was totally amazing - from the hot tub to the wine glasses :-)  We enjoyed walking in the woods with our yorkie - climbed all the "stairs" at the back of the cabin - no wildlife except a red-shouldered hawk that flew down the creek, that was cool!  Now it's time to go back to work - we feel wonderfully rested!!  Just had to add - Thank You Michelle - I really appreciated the lights on low + the TV set to "Love songs" - It started my vacation on a great little note :-)  My husband loved the gas gril - maybe lava rock on top?  He also very concerned about your septic tank pipe not being braced enough in the middle :-)  Time to go back to work as a Pre-K Handicapped teacher !!!  I love my job :-)

10-20-10  Thanks for a wonderful respite in the mountains!  The Cohutta Wilderness Area is gorgeous!  Back to S.C. :-(

10-22-10  Love the cabin!  Hands down the best cabin rental we've ever stayed at.  We're sad to leave :-(  Music on love songs was a nice touch after surviving Atlanta rush hour to get here!  Our kids (fur kids), Kiercia + Cabera had a blast - so many forest smells + Kiercia (our Border Collie) loved splashing in the creek, laying in the creek, chasing pine cones in the creek...  The cabin was so clean when we arrived + we really felt at home here.  Love all the outdoor seating, lounging area.  Thank you for opening your home to us.

10-28-10  Thank you for letting us stay in your amazing cabin!  The dog headed straight for the creek and we headed straight for the hot tub!  It was exactly the escape we both needed from our busy lives back home.  We hope to be back many more times.

11-3-10  It's All Good !  No really, it was, we had fun in the cabin, and the hot tub, and the dog was jamming in the woods, we loved it!

11-7-10  How serene + beside a creek this place was.  We loved it!  Our boxer pups think they are mountain goats bounding up and down the hill + splashing in the creek.  The cabin was perfect and provided just the getaway we needed.  The hot tub and fire pit made the backyard our main lounging area.  We didn't see much wildlife besides squirells + 3 loose dogs that came to hang out with our guys.  Thanks for letting us use your great cabin - we will defiantly be back!

11-14-10  We loved this place!  The cabin, the creek, the woods, the scary noises at night!  Can't wait to come back.

11-24-10  Everything we wanted and needed was here.  We had only to add a little sleep and a pinch of gratitude to get the advertised results.  You even had a scrabble game that I forgot to bring.

11-28-10  What a wonderful way to recharge + spend Thanksgiving weekend it was just what we needed.  Great food, great relaxation, lots of movies and even a wonderful massage.  Our lab fell in love with the creek and loved chasing the ball in the woods.  Overall a wonderful time.

1-5-11  Had a great time.  Pretty cold, no wild life but a quiet place to chill.

1-30-11  Had a wonderfully relaxing time!  Thank you for sharing your home!  Our 2 Boston Terriers (Jake & Georgia) loved the creek + the woods.  We went into Blue Ridge + shopped the first day, and hiked the trail in front of the swing the second day.  Great waterfall to the right!  The hot tub soothed our tired old muscles, and we grilled steaks and drank wine.  AHHHH - Almost time to go back to ATL. :-(  Didn't see any wildlife, but a half-eaten Hawk (Way down trail).  Wonder what was big enough to take down that big guy??!! :-)  We will definitely be back for some more serenity.  Oh - also enjoyed Poole's BBQ outside Ellijay.  Thanks again !

2-12-11  We had a wonderful weekend gat a way.  What a cozy place!  Our dog loved roaming through the creek & woods and we loved the peace and quiet!  Thanks for having us!

2-21-11  Had a much deserved great time away from the city.  Spied a nap on the hammock and spotted 2 Bares in the hot tub ;-) !

2-24-11  Thank you!  We had a very relaxing, fun time.  Mable & Riley, the dogs had a blast, they are exhausted now for the ride home (yay!) and we are well-rested.  Can't wait to come back!

2-25-11  We had our first day here and we love this place.  Thank you guys for sincere serenity :-)  Can't wait till tomorrow and see what the day will bring!

2-26-11  So today was great!  Had good food, lots of lovely sights :-) and just serenity and peace!  We will be back.

3-4-11  Had a wonderful time!  Being out here w/peace & quiet was nurturing for our sole!  After the long hours and fast pace of today's workplace in a economy where we are thankful to have employment.  Again enjoyed hot tub, the wonderful firepit and walking (thru out day), the peaceful sounds of the running creek.  Hope to come again, it was enjoyed by all even little Xena (dashound).  Thanks !!

3-13-11  Thank you for sharing your fabulous cabin with us.  The creek - hot tub - whole package.  This is my first mtn trip and thankfully not my last!  Next time I will leave Macon earlier (terrible traffic).  I also hope to be two footed (two shoes) - I felt that I've missed out not being able to hike and see the sites.  Thanks again. (yes, fur babies next time).

3-20-11  We came up for the weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and had a wonderful time!  Barkley and Mason loved playing in the creek and sniffing everything!  It was exactly the relaxing weekend we were hoping for.  PS:  The fenced area in the back is brilliant!

3-27-11  Cabin great; weather so-so.  Rained off + on yesterday (mostly on).  Delilah loved splashing in the creek.  Buddy loved lying in the sun.  We'll be back.